Deploying Application Using SCCM CB1902

This guide will shows, how to Create & deploy MSI application Using SCCM, Now lets go ahead and deploy an application to a device in SCCM CB 1902. The first step would be creating an application. To create an application, we need the MSI source file, here i have downloaded winzip.msi and placed the setup file in folder called softlib and shared the folder to access via SCCM console.

Create an Application

On the SCCM Server, login with SCCM admin account and launch the configuration manager console. Select Software Library, Under Application Management select Applications. Right click Applications and select Create Application

Select Automatically detect information.. and choose the type as Windows Installer, Specify the location of winzip.msi file.

Click Next.

On the next screen, lets specify some details about the software and for Install behavior select Install for a system if resource is device, otherwise install for user. Click Next.

Click Next.

The Application has been created successfully , click Close.

Right click the application and select Distribute,

To add the Distribution Points, click in Add and choose your distribution point.

Click Next

Deploy an Application

The Applications that are created can be seen by clicking Applications under Application Management. Right click the application and click Deploy.

Click Browse and specify the collection . Click Next.

Choose Action as “Install” and Purpose as “Required“.

The application will be available once you distribute the content to content servers. If you want to schedule the availability of application, then select “schedule the application to be available at“. We will not schedule the application availability and distribute the content immediately to the Content servers. Select the Installation deadline “as soon as possible“. Click Next.

Select the User Notifications, Click next.

Verify the selected options

We see that the deploy Software Wizard has completed successfully. Click Close.

Verify the same from Client machine, Open Software center

And Check the deployed application visible and started installing. Here deployed application status shows as successful

Verify the same from Appenforce.log

Thank You 🙂

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